Renan Rodriguez

Born in Venezuela, he got his start creating acclaimed window designs for stores in South America, the United States and the Caribbean using clever and chic ideas to stand out from the crowd in fashion, design and art.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience with furniture, fabrics, natural elements, colors and culture, he transforms ordinary living spaces into expressions of aesthetically pleasing environments that delight the senses and stimulate the imagination. He is fluent in the process of working with owners and contractors from the floor plan, creation process, management and installations to the finishing touches.

Renan’s love for design is equal to his love for people and he radiates excitement and joie de vivre with every client.



Design Consultation

This service is created for the individual and businesses who needs guidance over the phone or On-site. We will examine your space, needs and budget to offer suggestions and solutions. Includes a written list of ideas and resources.


This program is oriented to Homeowners, Investors and Realtors. We will provide you with ideas and a budget to create a space that feels like home, the buyer will have a better understanding of the space increasing sale opportunities.

Design Services

We offer full-scale space planning, renovation and design, which includes: Concept Development, Project Planning, Color and Material selection Procurement, Budget Management, Installation, Construction, Purchasing, Supervision and more.

Rental Friendly Design

You can bring style to your space even if you don’t own it. We can provide great tips for reversable design ideas that are budget friendly and also guide you in making the decision for larger purchases that you can take with you to a more permanent space in the future.

Small Space Design

Creativity and outside-the-box thinking are the key to make your apartment or small space stylish and functional, understanding your needs and desires, we will provide you with space planning and storage ideas. You will be surprised at how much space you really have.

Kitchen and Bath Design

A facelift in a kitchen or bath can be as simple as changing out counter tops, hardware and doors, in a full renovation we improve and change the layout and update all materials we will examine your space and your needs to create a perfect kitchen and bathroom.

If you want to learn more about Rozu Design Solutions, please contact us.

We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your renovation and interior design needs

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